Rubber coat is latex base, non cementitious waterproofing black membrane. It is a single component product that protects the surface.


Solar Heat Insulation product
RepairBonding Agent

Forms greyish black film

TuffCrete SBR Latex Base Waterproofing
Sealoxy Primer For Wall

Thickness of 1:1.5 mm of

rubber coat is required while applying on any surface. Apply second coat if required


Solvent Base Water Repellent
Wall Crack Filler


Solar Heat Reflective Paint
Tile Adhesive Tile care

Provides sandwich membrane

for Sunken Area, Roof, Terrace as well as Basement


Solar Heat Reradiating Paint
Elastomeric Solar Heat Reflective Paint

Roofing & Terrace

UV & IR Rays Reflective Paint
Surface Protective Acrylic Base Paint

Sunken areas of

Toilet & Bathrooms

How To Apply

SBR Base Waterproofing 1

Clean the surface thoroughly, make it free from dust, oil and grease. Make sure the surface is completely dry.

Wall Waterproofing Acrylic Polymer Base Coat 2

Since it is ready to use product, kindly do not add water. Thickness of 1.5 micron of rubber coat is required while applying on any surface. Apply 2nd coat of Rubber coat, if required. Let it dry for at least 2 to 3 hours when completely exposed to the sun.

NOTE :- Rubber Coat should not be exposed to sun. Application is not recommended if rain is imminent, or in high humidity environment.

Available In

Solvent Base Clear Protective Coating
Elastomeric Solar Heat Reflective Paint

Available Size Of Products -

1 Kg, 5 Kg, 26 Kg, 50 Kg