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An ultimate 2K polymer solution to all water leakages for the cementious work. A two component ready to use Diamond shield is the most effective long term solution for Waterproofing.


Glazecoat for waterproofing
Tile Grout Powder

Ready to use in

two component (Powder & Liquid)
Tile Adhesive-Tile care
Wall Crack Filler

Water resistant


Solar Heat Reflective Paint
Solar Heat Insulation Paint

Protects steel structure

from chlorination and oxidation
Solar Heat Reradiating Paint
UV & IR Rays Reflective Paint

Solvent and Chemical resistant


Surface Protective Acrylic Base Paint
SBR Base Waterproofing

Sunken portion

of bathroom and toilets
Wall Waterproofing Acrylic Polymer Base Coat
Solvent Base Clear Protective Coating

Swimming pool

Elastomeric Solar Heat Reflective Paint
All Kind Of Construction chemicals

As anti - rust coating

for steel beams and columns

How To Apply

Tuff Coat -Solvent Base Waterproofing 1

Clean the surface and make it dust, oil and grease free.

SealerCoat -Acrylic Base Waterproofing 2

On dry surface apply first & second coat of Diamond Shield with LDPE (Low density polymer) Net & allow it to dry for 4 to 5 hours

Diamond shield-Cement Base Waterproofing 3

For Terrace and Roof, it is essential to cover Diamond shield as it is not UV resistant, we recommend to cover it with Sealercoat or Insultec by diluting it with15% water & allow first coat to dry for 2 to 3 hours

TuffCrete SBR 4

Apply second coat of Sealercoat or Insultec by diluting it by 10% water & allow it to dry 2 to 3 hours

400% Flexible Elastomer PU WE coat for waterproofing 5

You may also cover Diamond Shield by applying Tiles or China Mosaic.

Types of Diamond Shield

Solar Heat Insulation product RepairBonding Agent
TuffCrete SBR- Latex Base Waterproofing

Diamond Shield - Grey

Sealoxy Primer For Wall Solvent Base Water Repellent
China Mosaic Clear Coat waterproofing

Diamond Shield - White


External And Internal Wall Primer
Manufacturers, Exporters and Supplier of Cement Plasticizers 1 Kg covers 2 coats of Diamond Shield

upto 5 to 6 Sq Ft.

Available In

Manufacturers, Exporters and Supplier of Paver Block Hardener
Manufacturers, Exporters and Supplier of Primer

Available Size Of Products -

1 Kg, 5 Kg, 25 Kg, 50 Kg